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18 May 2008 @ 10:59 am

Concert spazz time nao. 8D

It. Was. Amazing.

I had the best seats. It was in the first row of the garden box, right outside of pool circle, in front of the wall that separated them and us; where alot of the artists would come out and stand. Can you tell where I'm going with this? 8D

JunSu sang the Korean anthem. *~* He was so pretty~~ I got absolutely gorgeous shots of him, and then MY CAMERA BROKE. I might be able to pull the few pics I did get off the card when I get home; but I'm pissed because it's a brand new camera. Anyway.

Suju T were up first. 8D And they were all sorts of special and awesome. I got a very very very concerned o_o look from SungMin for my shirt. xD (It's my favorite one; highlighter yellow with black tiger stripes. I've posted pictures of it before.) Gillian, the girl I was sitting next to (I ended up making friends with my whole box), and I spent the majority of the Rokkuguh performance with cameras in our faces, because we were doing the dance along with them.

They did Rokkuguh and I think it was Chut Cha (?) AND THEN TEUKKIE HAD YEHSUNG COME OUT -flail- and they did Haengbok.

HeeChul came really close at one point. 8D He was only about ten feet away, but he didn't venture down the wall any closer because pool circle fans were getting grabby. 83 EeTeuk did, though, and stopped right in front of our box and bounced around for a bit before flouncing back to the stage. 8D

Everyone who stopped on the wall in front of us was only about four feet away.

We had alot of people come over to us. 8D It was amazing and full of win. Minwoo came over, and danced right in front of us, then stopped, did a wassup! nod at me and Gillian, and then wandered back to the main stage where he promptly ripped his shirt off. 8D;;;

Both FTTS boys came over. Brian, still on stage, pointed at Gillian and then came over for a bit, waving to both of us before trading places with Hwanhee who stopped right in front of us and finished out the song there, looking all sorts of amused at my hair and shirt, and waved to both of us.

Son HoYoung's performance was absolutely amazing. He got the entire crowd jumping for two songs straight, and came over to us, and was just awesome. xD We got waves from him too.

TVXQ was last, of course. They did four songs, Rising Sun, Tonight, Purple Line, and Balloons. They didn't venture all that close, they stayed on the main stage. 8D But it was still win. kdjflaskdjflskdj. I love Tonight. 8D It's such the best song; I'm glad they did it. n.n Especially for the YooSu moment omg

The finale was alright. Only a handful of the artists came back on. The majority of Suju T wasn't there. Only YehSung, EeTeuk, and SungMin came back out. TVXQ was on the other side of the stage from where we were during the finale, so I wasn't paying them much attention. YehSung and Teukkie were on my half of the stage, though, so I was busy with them. xD

YehSung really liked my shirt. 8D I caught him looking at it like :o! and so I sorta went and gave him a wassup! nod and he laughed. A couple minutes later, he was staring again and when I acknowledged him, he started doing the Rokkuguh dance. I mimicked and he cracked up. 8D Then I got a wave before he left the stage.

YunHo almost fell on his face leaving the stage because someone grabbed his pants. It amused me.

Sigh. It was an absolutely amazing concert. 83 The people I was sitting with all agreed we're going to sit together again next time around. It was just awesome.
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06 May 2007 @ 11:22 pm
I haven't slept since Thursday night. I haven't eaten since Friday morning. I haven't had much to drink at all. I "napped" on the floor of a random building near/in the airport for five hours. Was it worth it?

Oh hell yes.Collapse )

Noteworthy Highlights:

  • When Suju first came out, we were closest to Shiwon. We screamed at him and when he looked, started making faces at him. He made the HeeChul gremlin face back.
  • Ryeowook spent this small amount of time looking at us like o___O;;; because he couldn't see Shiwon behind him making faces back.
  • KangIn looked pretty damned grumpy for the most part, until the finale at the end of the show.
  • Kibum and I spent about fifteen seconds just staring at each other. I was the only person that close to the stage not screaming/moving (I had already fallen asleep twice, at this point >>) and he was just looking at me with a quirked eyebrow until I started snapping pictures.
  • The boys look like they've never seen fireworks before.

Other picturesCollapse )

I think I'm done. 8D!
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07 October 2005 @ 07:30 pm

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